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Max Martin
“As a songwriter - I live for my music … that’s why I manage my songs, collaborations and music rights in Auddly. It makes my work so much easier – both on the songwriter and producer side.”

What is Auddly?

Auddly enables you to manage your creativity, your collaborations and your music business – all with full transparency, full control with minimal risk of problems and maximum opportunity for accurate payments.

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Upload and organize your song projects and use our file sorting functions to get a clear overview of all your songs, ideas and files in one place.
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Share your work and all the necessary information with your collaborators and publishers to optimize your workflow and song placements.
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Secure correct registrations and take control of your music rights to receive the payments and recognition you’re entitled to.
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Auddly is now available in App Store.
Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA
“Auddly is a great tool for music creators to gather and store all song information, as well as tracks and lyrics, for easy access wherever you are.”

Auddly iOS Solution

Auddly is the first one-stop shop app on the market especially designed for you as a songwriter and producer to be able to control all your work on the go – always one click away to listen, share and create.

Ash Pournouri - Avicii manager
“I partnered with Auddly because I think their initiative is both important and a truly smart, organic development of what musical collaboration should be like today and tomorrow”
Connected to some of the world’s leading music organizations
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